Monday, December 10, 2007

Barack Oprah!ma

So what do you folks think of the Oprah phenomenon (and I'm not referring to how television seems to add sixty pounds to Ms. Winfrey, while only ten to the average pundit)?

Is this the beginning of a new trend? Will celebutards, rather than party politicians, choose our candidates in the future? What is the demographic that is attracted to a Winfrey-endorsed candidacy, and how will this affect the future of electoral debates? On a gut level (and gut-levels are the most appropriate when referring to a public persona like Oprah), I am uncomfortable with a television personality having this kind of impact and potentially affecting the outcome of the presidency. In my view, Obama is a marginal candidate, offering much style, especially charisma, over substance. You can only take his schtick so far, and he's not my number one candidate to deal with all the pressing issues faced by this country.

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