Friday, April 03, 2009

Hey, there it's been awhile...

Hello to all of my adoring fans who have been waiting breathlessly for my next post. Well, here it is:

I continue to read voraciously. I have an average of 15 books out at once combined from both the New York Public Library and the Brooklyn Public Library. I love these places.

I also continue posting my review on I try to post honest and helpful reviews. A good number of commenters, about 25% or so, find my reviews to be unhelpful. The problem is that only a few of them say why. I do not read other reviews before I post mine. I do read some after I post mine to see how some might differ. In some cases I have learned from these diverging reviews. I am grateful for them.

Anyway, I will keep all of you adoring fans up-to-date with more frequent posts. See ya!

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