Monday, April 19, 2010

Volcanic Ash Good For Taxi Business

Apparently desperate travelers have resorted to paying large sums of money to travel within Europe by cab, the most famous so far John Cleese, formerly of Monty Python. Cleese forked over $5,100 to travel from Oslo to Brussels.

I wonder how much he tipped the driver and whehter he was able to keep his eye on the meter for the full 12 hours. If I were the cabby, I would have taken advantage of the chance to do Monthy Python skits with Cleese, the way I used to do them Monday mornings in the mid-70's at Bronx Science. Yes, that was one way that I spent my adolescent Sunday evenings: begging my father to let me stay up late to watch the latest Monty Python episode. He just did not understand how important it was to come in on Monday morning fully prepared to recreate the Python skits.

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