Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Cross-Bronx Expressway

Where do I start? The Expressway is anything but express. It’s more like a long, slowly shifting parking lot. Power Broker Robert Moses built it in the 1960’s to speed traffic through the Bronx from Long Island and into Manhattan and New Jersey. It should have been named the Avoid-the-Bronx Expressway. The irony is that it’s actually very difficult to get across the Bronx from east to west or vice versa. When I take my kids to the dentist in Riverdale from Castle Hill the choices are 1) pay $15.00 for car service and ride for 40 minutes; 2) take two buses for an hour and 30 minute ride and 3) take the number 6 train from the Bronx to 125th street in Manhattan, then take the 4 train back into the Bronx to switch to the number 2 train which you take back into Manhattan to then take the number 1 train back to the Bronx to 231 St where you can transfer to a bus to Riverdale. By the time you get to the dentist’s their baby teeth will have fallen out and they’ll be ready for dentures.

Now you might ask, "Hey, Bronxilla, why don't you just take your kids to a local dentist?" the answer is: the practice is excellent. The have weekend hours; their offices are thouroughly cleaned after each patient; and their offices are open so that there is no opportunity for anyone to do anything inappropriate.

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