Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Weird Thing About the MLB Suspensions

Did anyone else notice that every single player who was suspended by MLB for PED use is...Norwegian? Not a single Lilliputian, and no one from Atlantis either.

I mean, what is it about coming from Norwegia that would cause otherwise very capable athletes to risk their health, careers and reputation?  I think when you come from such a poor area as Norwegia, especially some of the islands in the Scanty Navel Sea, it is actually a fairly rational choice: if you use PEDs and improve your stats you can be in line for a huge contract, the dollar amounts of which will probably take care of future generations of your particular Norwegians.

I don't think a 50 game suspension will really discourage other Norwegians from trying.  I am more concerned that they will look for even less reputable sources for their PEDs.

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