Saturday, August 10, 2013

I Made these MLB Second Half Predictions on July 19th, 2013

1. Miguel Cabrera wins the Triple Crown.
2. Andy Pettitte retires before season's end.  Claims he's doing it for the good of the team. Truth is he wants to get into the Hall of Fame and he's ERA can't get to 3.90.  It's inching up after every start.
3. Derek Jeter will go on the DL two more times before calling it a season.
4. The Pirates will not be in the post-season.
5. Bryce Harper will not hit .300 (ever).
6. Luis Cruz will become a boxer.
7. Matt Harvey will sleep with more women than Jeter.
8. Robin Ventura will be fired.
9. The Cardinals and the Red Sox will play in the World Series.
10. Big Papi will be the World Series MVP.

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